Orpheus in the Underworld

New Production
New Orleans Opera, 2017


Director: Alison Moritz
Conductor: Robert Lyall
Scenic Design: Steven Kemp
Lighting Design: Don Darnutzer
Costume Design: Julie Winn
Photo Credit: Tom Grosscup


“an unabashed romp from beginning to end.” (Opera News)

“Director Alison Moritz wisely resisted any temptation for over-the-top staging, allowing the sparkling, elegantly sexy humor of the piece to shine throughout the evening.” (Opera News)

“The entire cast seemed to be having so much fun onstage, and their enjoyment was clearly mirrored by an audience obviously having a splendid time.” (Opera News)

“The stage direction from Alison Moritz was as near to flawless as is possible…” (The Advocate) 


This new production of Offenbach’s operetta transports housewife Eurydice from her Levittown-inspired domestic doldrums to a glamorous nightclub version of the underworld.

Inspired by 1960s boffo sex comedies such as A Shot in the Dark, Alfie, and The World of Henry Orient… Fans of Peter Sellers, rejoice!


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