The Abduction from the Seraglio

New Production, 2018
Madison Opera


Director: Alison Moritz
Conductor: John DeMain
Production Design: Anshuman Bhatia
Costume Design: Karen Brown-Larimore
Photo Credit: James Gill


This new production for Madison Opera couples period costumes and scenery with “Enlightened” perspectives on feminism and cross-cultural relationships. Set in the Tulip Era of the Ottoman Empire, this lavish concert staging was lauded as “an opera for opera lovers.


“Stage director Alison Moritz included comic touches throughout, and the visual dimensions were handled brilliantly. The set was lovely and the costumes were quite dazzling. Despite my quibbles, this was a thoroughly delightful production, another plume in Madison Opera’s chapeau.” (Isthmus Review)

“This comic romp utilized a beautiful set and wonderful costumes designed and constructed in-house. Musically and visually the production was a success. (Well Tempered Blog)

The audience responded with 19 ovations during the performance – yes, I counted.” (Well Tempered Blog)


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