New Production
The Atlanta Opera, 2023


Director: Alison Moritz
Conductor: Jim Lowe
Choreographer: Ricardo Aponte
Scenic Design: Steven Kemp
Lighting Design: Thomas Hase
Costume Design: Jennifer Moeller
Hair and Makeup: Melanie Steele
Photo Credit: Raftermen


“The Atlanta Opera’s “Candide” hits all the comedic high notes” (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

“…epic in scope and remarkably intricate in its storytelling and moral implications” (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

“an ingenious design with interlocking pieces that can be arranged and rearranged even as the action unfolds before our eyes.” (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

“as captivating to behold as it is brilliantly economical” (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

“the show is a rich feast of ceaseless laughter from endlessly clever dialogue and surprisingly effective sight gags” (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

The cast as a whole captured that comedic timing beautifully and the audience was in stitches throughout. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)


The Atlanta Opera’s 2023 production of Candide marked my fourth time directing this delightful puzzle of a show, and the first time directing a period production of the piece. This time, we included the rarely performed “Words Words Words” in the second act, sung by the marvellous singing actor Curtis Bannister. The stellar ensemble cast was an embarrassment of riches – including Kevin Burdette as Voltaire, Jack Swanson as Candide, and Deanna Breiwick as Cunegonde. I was so glad to collaborate with conductor Jim Lowe for the first time, and to reunite with my good friend Steven Kemp – who designed wonderfully ingenious additions to an existing Globe set.